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Rks unity is a new and exciting team building company, founded by Ritchie scammells. 
Rks unity not only specialises in team building events, we also cover axe throwing, archery, mini cross bows, bushcraft and many more activities to get your teeth in to. 
the aim of rks unity is to help you build bonds with your work colleagues, to promote teamwork and to create some competition between one another. 

RKS is not only for those boring offices, we also provide entertainment at weddings, birthday parties, schools and village fetes. 

about me

it has been my ambition to create a team building company for many years. 

i have been a scout leader for wessex scout group for over 20 years. i have worked with all age ranges from 6 yr olds to 18 yr olds during my time as a scout leader. 

during this time i have aquired many skills, ranging from bush craft skills, survival skills, archery and many more. 

i now want to explore the world of team building to transfer the knowledge i have learnt over the years. 

and also to have some fun along the way! 

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